Free Accounting and Business Services for Detroit Entrepreneurs


Ross Accounting Outreach is designed to advise small, Detroit-based businesses accounting questions and general business situations.  We believe that small businesses play a large role in Detroit's revitalization, and want to help entrepreneurs along the way. Properly analyzing accounting information can help these entrepreneurs to focus on business opportunities and foster sustainable growth.

In coordination with the Detroit Neighborhood Entrepreneurs Project (DNEP), Ross Accounting Outreach is a part of an ecosystem of numerous Detroit-based entrepreneurial programs, and several University of Michigan resources, such as legal services and art & design.  

Who are we?

Master of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration students from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business who are interested in helping Detroit thrive using accounting and business concepts.

Michigan Ross faculty are available to review all essential accounting and general business concerns

Our Services

  1. Strategies to encourage profit-maximizing operations
  2. Frameworks to organize and interpret information
  3. Advisory and analysis for internal decision-making, financing,  and general business issues


The Goal

Improve the City of Detroit and its surrounding neighborhoods through Positive Business

Help entrepreneurs find peace of mind regarding financial health and stability of their business

Ensure internal accounting procedures foster responsible growth, preparing the business to receive either a bank loan or investment financing



"Accounting is the language of business."

Warren Buffett

Not explicitly a technical tax-preparation service, although can refer another option upon request